Simple Natural Heartburn Remedies

Natural heartburn remedies are generally simple everyday items that you can use to treat heartburn. With natural remedies you do not need to spend money buying non-prescription drugs which do not fully cure the problem but only reduce the symptoms temporarily. Cure the burning feeling permanently by using safe, organic food items. Discover which foods are the most effective as natural remedies for heartburn.


Chewing raisins and swallowing the substance produced from it is very beneficial for heartburn. The effect of stomach acid is greatly reduced by the substance derived from the raisins.


Adding parsley to your meals regularly can stop acid reflux. Chewing on a handful of sprigs or drinking parsley tea a couple of times is good for fighting heartburn symptoms.

Cumin seed

Blend together one or two tablespoons of cumin with water. Boil the mixture and drink once or twice daily.


Adding cinnamon to toast bread can help in increasing the production substances that are good for the cure heartburn. This should reduce the symptoms of heartburn with a short while.


Taking chamomile tea offers a soothing effect on every part of a person’s body, such as helping to make the digestive system more effective. Chamomile tea can be taken immediately you start noticing the signs of heartburn and the effect of the tea should give fast relief.


Any type of vinegar is good for relieving heartburn but the most preferred type of vinegar for heartburn is apple cider vinegar. Take two teaspoons of vinegar immediately you observe any sign indicating heartburn; although it will probably burn initially, however the discomfort from heartburn will reduce in a matter of minutes.


The effect of heartburn signs can be reduced by taking honey. Honey will not just heal the esophagus — furthermore, it can help to relieve the acidity in the stomach.


Raw or dried bananas act as a healthy antacid for most people. Even though more study is required, those who recommend bananas as a perfect treatment believe the banana will also coats the intestinal tract of the stomach.


Using garlic will help destroy microorganisms usually present in people experiencing heart burn and acid reflux disorder. Those who use garlic for heartburn treatment notice that after taking 2 raw cloves the discomfort associated with heartburn reduces.

Fried Food

Since heartburn can be caused by eating fried and oily foods, one should avoid eating them. Salads are also good, although salad having acidic vinegar should be avoided.

Dairy products and Meat

Oily foods appear to cause heartburn, based on research, so yogurts and low fat milks rather than the full fat alternative should be taken. Also, non-fat chicken and seafood are good and beneficial for heartburn patients. Taking non-fat alternatives regularly will prevent a person from suffering from heartburn.

Non-Sugar Gum

Chewing gum is not food, however it does increase saliva creation, and saliva reduce abdominal acid and reduce the effect it has, being slightly alkaline, as indicated by studies carried out. A few, however, claim the additional air created by gum causes acid reflux disorder. Should you choose to chew gum, stay away from mint-flavor gum; peppermint and spearmint are typical heartburn causes. Water, non-acidic and non-caffeinated drinks are ideal natural heartburn remedies.

Dietary fiber

Also, fiber is not food, however it is found in most food and it forms part of the nutrition of a balanced diet plan. As indicated by findings, a high-fiber meal may be connected with reduced likelihood of suffering heartburn.

Natural heartburn remedies will not only save money but will free you from any side effect of using any synthetic product.